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Python talks at DebConf


I was looking through the talks submitted to DebConf, and noticed
there weren't very many Python related talks.  Given the amount there
is to discuss related to Python in Debian, it would be great to see
some more submissions.

Perhaps the list can suggest some talks and we can nominate some
people to lead them?  At least we should have a talk on Python
packaging and one on packaging helpers.  Perhaps there could be talks
on the DPMT or PAPT.  Any more ideas?

Also, the DebConf talks team (which I'm not especially a part of)
recently made a call for "tracks" of related talks.  The idea behind a
track is to have a track coordinator, who works with the DebConf talks
and scheduling teams to produce a coordinated series of talks.  It
would be great if there was a Python track.  For the informational
mail on this, please see

(Unfortunately, I'm too busy with the conference itself to help with
these talks, but can answer any questions on submission and selection
and so on.)

- Richard

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