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Re: Python talks at DebConf

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Richard Darst <rkd@zgib.net> wrote:
> I was looking through the talks submitted to DebConf, and noticed
> there weren't very many Python related talks.  Given the amount there
> is to discuss related to Python in Debian, it would be great to see
> some more submissions.
> Perhaps the list can suggest some talks and we can nominate some
> people to lead them?  At least we should have a talk on Python
> packaging and one on packaging helpers.  Perhaps there could be talks
> on the DPMT or PAPT.  Any more ideas?

Only ideas.
"Using Python toolchain for Python modules/apps in Debian?"
Cover stdeb (anything else?), the reasons (if any) political and
technical, why it (or anything else) can not be used instead
unpythonic and unfamiliar make/debhelper stuff. It is not really
helper if no one understands how it works, and it is confusing for
non-C folks.

"Ubuntu, Debian and Python packaging."
Why the difference? The consequences.

"Python policy 2010."
Why not use virtualenv for Packaging applications?
Why stable Python packages should still be fetched from backports (Trac)?
How to use stable Python product compiled manually and still have an
automatic option for upgrade when official backport for the same
version is released?
How to customize/patch local installations of Python packages and sync
them with upstream? (MoinMoin patches, Trac Hacks, Roundup tweaks

"Python 3000"

Any speakers?
anatoly t.

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