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Re: packages that raise string exceptions

* Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org>, 2010-05-28, 13:07:
Some of these are surprising (e.g. bzr?! - it has to be Python 2.6 compatible
because it comes with Lucid), but they could just be out of date versions.
"It works is Ubuntu, so it must be fine" is a horrible fallacy. :)
:), but that's not exactly what I'm saying.  The fact that bzr works in Lucid
on Python 2.6 tells me that something about the analysis is incorrect.  Maybe
it's that the check was done on an older version of bzr: lenny has 1.5 but
squeeze has 2.1.  The latter is certainly more modern.  Also, because I know
that bzr is a very well unittested piece of software, and that the tests are
done on Python 2.6 (because that's what's in Ubuntu 10.04), it can't have many
if any string exceptions.  Sanity check with a core bzr developer (and a quick
manual scan of the code) seems to confirm this.  So I think we need more

Let's try what says grep on the Lucid's vesrion:

$ grep -Er "raise\s+[\"']" --include='*.py' bzr-2.1.1/
bzr-2.1.1/bzrlib/bundle/bundle_data.py:                    raise 'Value %r has no colon' % info_item
bzr-2.1.1/bzrlib/tests/test_hooks.py:            "a ChangeBranchTipParams object. Hooks should raise "

(The latter is a false positive, of course.)

Jakub Wilk

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