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Re: using experimental as a playground

On May 28, 2010, at 01:24 PM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:

>[Barry Warsaw, 2010-05-28]
>> What I mean is, let's say we have to change something in a helper tool.  We
>> want that change to happen at least also in Debian, if not first in Debian,
>> but because of our different release cycles, where would we put it?  Ubuntu
>> already sync's with Debian, but does it make sense to for example, put changes
>> that are required in Ubuntu first, into Debian experimental?
>... and announce it on proper mailing list (packages from experimental
>have different Pin (~priority) by default)

Cool, please help me with that.  What's the proper mailing list?  I don't know
much about how to use Debian experimental, but I'm willing to learn!

>> At least that
>> way, Debian will gain the benefit of it when they catch up.  If experimental
>> isn't the right place for that, what is?  Or is there no place that we can
>> sync changes from Ubuntu to Debian for things like this?
>I think experimental (if unstable cannot be used) is the right place.
>If there's something wrong with these changes, bugs will be reported
>pretty soon.


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