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Re: Python talks at DebConf


I started using Debian because I love to see a long list of packages
with new upstream releases available on my hard drive every single
morning. Not just 100 best known applications but every niche
app./library I use. I know they are prepared by either upstream authors
or people who simply use it and care about new features, not just
versions. I'm not afraid to safe-upgrade them.

Now that you know I'm new upstream version freak, you might understand
why I'm so unhappy that Debian had 2.6 in the list of supported Python
versions 1 year after Ubuntu although there was no technical reason I
know of to start working on supporting 2.6 on March 2009. It hurts even
more when you see how Ubuntu fails to support it and Ubuntu developers
tell you that Debian developers cannot do transitions because they're

Why am I mentioning Ubuntu at all? Because all decisions about Python in
Debian are made there.

Do you still want me to answer your questions or is it clear already why
I am acting as an asshole?
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