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Re: Python talks at DebConf

[Toni Mueller, 2010-05-10]
> It's still only a problem in Ubuntu until Debian makes a possibly
> similar transition, right?

The problem is it's out of our hands.

> > I want to give Ubuntu CDs to my friends telling them that there are
> > few bits of my work there. I don't want to explain to them that there
> > is my name there but the package is not working because Ubuntu
> > decided to ship Python 2.6.5 instead of 2.6.4 (not to mention
> > python2.6 vs. python2.5 problems)
> So, what's wrong with giving them a Debian CD instead?

Nothing, I just happen to have few more Ubuntu CDs (and only one Debian DVD).

FWIW, I installed Debian on my sister's laptop few years ago and she is
still using it (I'm the one who remotely dist-upgrades it). I installed
Ubuntu on my brother's laptop and it's not there anymore (he removed it
after one of upgrades that didn't work that well)

> PS: The address "www.griffith.cc" that you mention in your .sig, does
>     not resolve, and afair, Berlios is not a good project host.

To which IP your DNS points you to?
We're moving away from berliOS
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