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Re: Python talks at DebConf

[Toni Mueller, 2010-05-10]
> On Mon, 10.05.2010 at 13:23:01 +0200, Piotr O??arowski <piotr@debian.org> wrote:
> > derivatives what to do, though. I'd never complain in public and would
> > let you do whatever you want (that's derivative's right after all)... if
> > Ubuntu's decisions would not have so strong impact on us - when I'm
> thanks for the interesting statements. I somewhat fail to see the
> problem. It's their choice to deviate from Debian packaging, so why
> shouldn't it be also their problem (not ours) if they break stuff, too?

changes in Python interpreter or python-central are later
uploaded to Debian so we have to update all other packages the same way
(it's even worse when only one of these packages is synced with Ubuntu)

> Reading your email I consider adding a README.Ubuntu file to my
> packages and/or publish a notice on my d.p.o web page to highlight the
> distinction.

I had to explain many times (mostly to Pylons users) why packages not
touched by Ubuntu developers are not working on Ubuntu, I know the pain.

> >   or no fixes at all (>100 packages that FTBFS, ignoring broken
> They FTBFS on Ubuntu, not Debian, right? So why do you care?

I want as many users to use my packages as possible. I want to give
Ubuntu CDs to my friends telling them that there are few bits of my work
there. I don't want to explain to them that there is my name there but
the package is not working because Ubuntu decided to ship Python 2.6.5
instead of 2.6.4 (not to mention python2.6 vs. python2.5 problems)
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