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Towards Python 2.6: status update

I've gone through all bugs that are known to interfere with Python 2.6 transition: either bugs directly related to the new Python version or FTBFSes in packages that need to be binNMUed. I've put bugs/packages into three categories:

1. Show-stoppers

These packages must be fixed before new python-defaults is uploaded:

* kdebindings FTBFS on armel; no bug filed but maintainers are aware of the problem
* setools FTBFS on armel due to GCC 4.4 ABI changes (#577061)

2. Non-show-stoppers

There are several buggy packages which have low popcon (< 100). I believe that they should not stop us from uploading new python-defaults; instead they should be removed from testing if they were going to delay the transition.

* dballe (#581008)
* doclifter (#580246)
* flumotion (#561347)
* libavg (#580678)
* necpp (#580812)
* nipy (#577898)
* pylucene (#571545)
* pymol (#576210)
* w3af-console (#571110)

3. Not in testing

These packages are known to have issues, but have been already removed from testing:
* jppy
* libhid
* petsc4py
* player
* polybori
* sagemath
* sqlrelay
* zhone

Jakub Wilk

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