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Re: numpy 1.2.1, switching to git?

Hi Piotr!

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org> wrote:
> [Ondrej Certik, 2008-12-08]
>> P.S. bzed, POX, isn't it time to move our packaging to git?
> I was planing it for a long time, but never found time to actually do it.
> If you volunteer to do this, please send a message to PAPT mailing list,
> wait a week and if no one will complain, go ahead and convert the
> repository. Then we'll test it for a bit and if it will work fine, we'll
> do the same with DPMT repo (which has more developers so we'll use
> "hey, it's working perfectly fine in PAPT" argument ;).

Great to hear that. If I find time, I'll do that.

> BTW, I'm Piotr or Piotrek outside IRC ;-P

Cool. I am Ondrej everywhere. :)

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 9:07 PM, Monty Taylor <monty@inaugust.com> wrote:
> /me whinges that switching to bzr for packaging in general would be a
> much nicer thing overall, since then ubuntu downstream is pretty well
> bzr...
> (note: I use bzr for all of my other projects, so I have a vested interest)
> However... _anything_ is an improvement over svn.

Matthias also wrote me offlist, that he either prefers to stay in svn,
or use bzr, but not git (if I understood well).

The problem with bzr is that it seems to me it is mainly used in
Ubuntu, but that's about it. Also compare for example the number of
packages in the respective vcs:


(git seems to me like a clear winner)

Well, I don't mind either, I know both hg and git quite well and bzr a
little. But I prefer to just use just one vcs for everything, and that
is git in my case, as I think it has the biggest momentum now.


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