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Re: numpy 1.2.1, switching to git?

Ondrej Certik wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 9:07 PM, Monty Taylor <monty@inaugust.com> wrote:
>> /me whinges that switching to bzr for packaging in general would be a
>> much nicer thing overall, since then ubuntu downstream is pretty well
>> bzr...
>> (note: I use bzr for all of my other projects, so I have a vested interest)
>> However... _anything_ is an improvement over svn.
> Matthias also wrote me offlist, that he either prefers to stay in svn,
> or use bzr, but not git (if I understood well).

git seems to be fairly polarizing - I'm not sure why. :)

> The problem with bzr is that it seems to me it is mainly used in
> Ubuntu, but that's about it. Also compare for example the number of
> packages in the respective vcs:
> http://bzr.debian.org/
> http://git.debian.org/
> http://hg.debian.org/
> (git seems to me like a clear winner)
> Well, I don't mind either, I know both hg and git quite well and bzr a
> little. But I prefer to just use just one vcs for everything, and that
> is git in my case, as I think it has the biggest momentum now.

Seems like a decent enough rationale... I'm pretty-much fine with any of
them. This will give me a chance to learn a bit about git.


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