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Re: numpy 1.2.1, switching to git?

[Ondrej Certik, 2008-12-08]
> P.S. bzed, POX, isn't it time to move our packaging to git?

I was planing it for a long time, but never found time to actually do it.

If you volunteer to do this, please send a message to PAPT mailing list,
wait a week and if no one will complain, go ahead and convert the
repository. Then we'll test it for a bit and if it will work fine, we'll
do the same with DPMT repo (which has more developers so we'll use
"hey, it's working perfectly fine in PAPT" argument ;).

BTW, I'm Piotr or Piotrek outside IRC ;-P
-=[     Piotr Ożarowski     ]=-
-=[ http://www.ozarowski.pl ]=-

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