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Re: [RFR] urlwatch

* Piotr Ożarowski [Thu, 18 Dec 2008 22:46:36 +0100]:

> [Adeodato Simó, 2008-12-18]
> > * Piotr Ożarowski [Thu, 18 Dec 2008 22:06:35 +0100]:

> > > You can even install it as /usr/share/urlwatch/urlwatch.py (but still
> > > symlink it without the extension) - this way you'll have additional .pyc
> > > file which will speed urlwatch a little bit

> > AFAIK, .pyc files are only for imported modules, and never for executed
> > scripts. They are certainly not created by default, and strace does not
> > show them being used either.

> that's why I wrote to install it as /usr/share/urlwatch/urlwatch.py
> (note the additional extension).

Yes, I got that. You mean:

    /usr/bin/urlwatch -> /usr/share/urlwatch/urlwatch.py

But even with that, strace does not show that a
/usr/share/urlwatch/urlwatch.pyc file would get used when invoking

> > (Plus you wouldn't want .pyc files in /usr/share/<package> anyway AFAIK.)

> lots of packages are installing .py files into /usr/share/<something>
> (IMHO all Python applications should do this and thus not pollute global
> namespace) and pycentral/pysupport handles it fine.

Oh, sure. I (1) agree applications should put files un /usr/share/<name>,
and (2) I meant "you wouldn't want .pyc files there" as in "if you don't
use pycentral of pysupport", sorry for the confusion.

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