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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 7:22 AM, Laura Arjona wrote:

> I have tested PumpTweet and it works.
> About the other approach (pump2rss + rss2twitter), it's possible to

Thanks for investigating.

> And later I thought that you are already posting the Debian RSS feeds
> to Twitter somehow, so maybe that way is the best one to post the
> identica feed too (or instead of them).

buxy explained how this works.

> The question is would this be practical? I mean, it would go to sid,
> maybe testing and so, but if we need it in stable for being deployed
> in a Debian machine, maybe this is not the way to go for solving this
> particular problem.

Once it is in testing we can put it in wheezy-backports:


DSA will be willing to install it from there.

> 2.- Get the software installed without using pip. I think that it
> would be possible to git clone each piece of code and setup them by
> using "python setup.py install". Would this be a solution?

I don't think DSA would like that either.

> There is a totally different approach to this: forget identi.ca by
> now, until everything is more mature, and create an official Debian
> account and group in another StatusNet public server, as I said in my
> first email.

Interesting thought... the transition has indeed been annoying.

Lets turn this problem on its head a bit....

One issue here is that we were using software as a service instead of
running software on our own machines. Thus we had no control over
changes to the service. I never really liked the centralisation aspect
of identi.ca and our use of it.

Related to that is that the Debian identica messages are not backed up
on any Debian server (I made a backup on my laptop), are not on the
Debian website and are not translated or translatable.

How about we move the source of messages to the Debian website, have
the website generate RSS feeds containing them (webwml already has RSS
stuff) and then use the various RSS to whatever services for getting
that out to the StatusNet, pump.io, Diaspora, Twitter, Facebook etc
social/microblogging networks. By doing this we also enable more
Debian folks to post messages out to the social network cloud.

Do you think this would be practical or a good idea?



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