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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Hi all
Thanks Paul for your comments.

2013/10/8 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> Thanks for this post, some thoughts...
> We need more folks doing publicity/press stuff, thanks for your interest.
> In the past few months I haven't seen any DENTs proposed on the IRC
> channel. I have been offline a lot but identi.ca/debian hasn't had any
> posts. I know that it is definitely true that there have been things
> that are interesting to post there though (DebConf for eg). So I guess
> we need to promote the Debian identi.ca account to Debian people more.
> Perhaps a reminder entry in DeveloperNews would be good.
> https://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews

I'll try to spread the word too, and hang on IRC more frequently (I'm
just not used...)

> twitter.com/debian used to be linked to identi.ca/debian (via RSS I
> think), are there any options we could use for relinking them coming
> soon? Perhaps the combination of pump2rss and RSS2twitter would work.

There's PumpTweet too https://github.com/dper/PumpTweet
I'm not sure about which option is best.
I'll do some tests with both, but I'm afraid I can only say if they
work or not, nothing about the code itself, or performance results

> twitter.com/debian has had some posts because it still has integration
> with Debian RSS feeds, getting that working again with identi.ca would
> be good.
> It would be great if spigot/brdcst.it/pump2*/rss2twitter were packaged
> for Debian.

I have tested a configuration and written down some steps to get the
RSS feeds posted to identi.ca/debian with spigot (see attachment).

Is it a must that spigot (and pypump, one of its dependencies) are
packaged for Debian? python-pip and the rest of the dependencies are,
and you can install pypump and spigot easily with "pip".

> The Debian fedmsg project has completed and has a demo up passing
> messages to an IRC channel. It would be awesome to have that being
> sent to a new identi.ca account too.
> http://wiki.debian.org/FedMsg

I'll have a look.

> I guess the Debian sysadmins would be able to give us a VM for running
> stuff if needed, finding someone to do the setup and maintenance work
> would be the hard part.

Probably there's no need of a 'new' machine, just install the Python
scripts and setup the cron task in one of them (the one that host the
planet software, maybe?).

Laura Arjona

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> bye,
> pabs
> http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise
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Posting RSS feeds to pump.io network, using the @debian identi.ca account, and Spigot

1.- Environment
I'm running Debian Wheezy
I had Python installed.

2.- Install spigot

# apt-get install python-pip python-feedparser
# pip install pypump
# pip install spigot
$ mkdir /home/spigot  (or at any place we want, spigot will create its database and json file there)

3.- Configure spigot
$ cd /home/spigot
$ spigot.py

authorize an account (debian@identi.ca)
feed: http://planet.debian.org/rss20.xml
when it asks how often to post, we can say 30 minutes (the cron job should run more often, let's say each 20 minutes)
When it asks about the format, it can be:

$t - <a href="$l" target="_blank">$l</a> #planet

(hashtags are not working yet, but for the future, and compatibility for anybody tunneling from pump.io to statusnet/twitter)

And that's all.

4.- We run spigot again to add another feed
$ spigot -f

and we configure the feed.

5.- Setup a cron job to run each X minutes (being X less than the minutes we configured in spigot).

The command can be
cd /home/spigot;spigot.py

6.- Enjoy

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