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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Hi again

2013/10/9 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 1:33 AM, Laura Arjona wrote:
>> There's PumpTweet too https://github.com/dper/PumpTweet
>> I'm not sure about which option is best.
>> I'll do some tests with both, but I'm afraid I can only say if they
>> work or not, nothing about the code itself, or performance results
>> etc.
> Thanks, that would be helpful.
I have tested PumpTweet and it works.
I have followed the main website instructions with no problem
It also has some dependencies (PyPump, python-tweet, BeautifulSoup)
that can be installed using pip, so we have the same problem that with
Spigot, and the same solution, when we find it :)

About the other approach (pump2rss + rss2twitter), it's possible to
access the Debian identi.ca public feed by:
But I found *several* apps/scripts called rss2twitter:
* A website service rss2twitter.com that I could not access today
* https://github.com/trak3r/rss2twitter (Ruby)
* https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rss2twitter
So I was not sure which one to test.
And later I thought that you are already posting the Debian RSS feeds
to Twitter somehow, so maybe that way is the best one to post the
identica feed too (or instead of them).

In the worse case, If we get to debian@identi.ca post the RSS feeds,
there's no need to connect the identi.ca account with the twitter
account either, since those RSS feeds are being posted to Twitter too.

> pip in stable doesn't have any protection against MITM attacks, so we
> would essentially be running untrusted code. With version 1.3 it gains
> HTTPS verification against the set of CAs trusted by Mozilla but the
> CA part of SSL is a bit sketchy; various past CA security
> failures/compromises and the recent Snowden/NSA revelations have only
> made the CAs and the CA model look more untrustworthy.
> In any case the Debian sysadmins are likely to veto installing code via pip.
I understand.
I see two possible solutions (maybe there are more, or maybe they are
not solutions, I'm not sure):
1.- As you said before, package Spigot (or any other software) in Debian.
I have no packaging skills (not much Python skills even) but maybe
somebody could do that for me - I have not much contacts too, but who
knows :)
The question is would this be practical? I mean, it would go to sid,
maybe testing and so, but if we need it in stable for being deployed
in a Debian machine, maybe this is not the way to go for solving this
particular problem.

2.- Get the software installed without using pip. I think that it
would be possible to git clone each piece of code and setup them by
using "python setup.py install". Would this be a solution? If yes, I
can test that "manual installation method" and report step by step

There is a totally different approach to this: forget identi.ca by
now, until everything is more mature, and create an official Debian
account and group in another StatusNet public server, as I said in my
first email.
We would win in the sense that we would recover the functionality lost
by the migration (easy RSS publishing, connecting to Twitter, groups)
without effort in the Debian side.
But we would lose followers because not everybody in identi.ca created
an additional StatusNet account after the migration.
So in that case, more promotion of the new statusnet account would be needed.
Laura Arjona

>> Probably there's no need of a 'new' machine, just install the Python
>> scripts and setup the cron task in one of them (the one that host the
>> planet software, maybe?).
> Probably we could put it on alioth but that doesn't appear to have
> role accounts so only one person would be able to manage the cron job.
> On the rest of the debian.org machines there is no publicity
> user/group but I guess we can get DSA to setup a dedicated user for
> this.
> --
> bye,
> pabs
> http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise
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