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Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Hi all
I'm not sure if I have introduced myself in this list.
My name is Laura Arjona, I'm Spanish and live in Madrid. A quick
summary about me as Debian lover in my wiki page (at the end of this
long message).

Congrats everybody for your work. I'm a great fan of the Publicity Team.
I am lurking this list/team since some months, and joined somehow
officially when the Wheezy release, to help translate the release
announcement to Spanish. Since then, I think I've been silent here,
but listening.

And... here we go.

After identi.ca migrated from StatusNet to Pump.io last July, we (the
identica/statusnet users and debian lovers) have lost the Debian group
(pump.io does not support groups yet) and the posts coming from the
RSS feeds (planet, bits...) (that feature is not built in the core
However, in this last months the pump.io community has experienced
some contributions and I think it is possible to get some of the
Debian joy in identi.ca and the pumpiverse again.

I would like to help to make this happen, and there are several
options to achieve that.

For example, it's possible to publish RSS feed updates in identi.ca
(pump.io) now using Spigot, free software written in Python [1] that
should run in any machine, or brdcst.it [2], a free software service
that you can setup in your machine or just use the public instance

[1] https://pypi.python.org/pypi/spigot/
[2] http://brdcst.it/

For groups and hashtags we have no support in pump.io yet, but I hope
they will come soon.

On the other side, StatusNet is not abandonware, nor the fediverse a
ghost city. Some people and organizations have setup their own
instances (for example, the FSF), others (like me) have created an
account in any public instance (there is a list here [3]). There are
TWO non official !Debian group, [4] and [5]; if the Debian project set
up a server or asks for an official account and group in any of the
public ones, I bet everybody will help and be happy to come together
in the official group.

[3] http://federation.skilledtests.com/List_of_Independent_Statusnet_Instances.html
[4] http://legadolibre.com.ar/group/debian
[5] https://statusnet.lebegue.org/group/debian

If the Debian projects decides to have a StatusNet account, posts from
there can be propagated to identi.ca/pump.io using Spigot or
Brdcst.it. And I hope it can be done the opposite soon (post in
identi.ca and propagate to statusnet) with pump2status.net or
pump2rss.com (not working yet, though).

So, what do you think?

Thank you very much
Laura Arjona

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