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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Thanks for this post, some thoughts...

We need more folks doing publicity/press stuff, thanks for your interest.

In the past few months I haven't seen any DENTs proposed on the IRC
channel. I have been offline a lot but identi.ca/debian hasn't had any
posts. I know that it is definitely true that there have been things
that are interesting to post there though (DebConf for eg). So I guess
we need to promote the Debian identi.ca account to Debian people more.
Perhaps a reminder entry in DeveloperNews would be good.


twitter.com/debian used to be linked to identi.ca/debian (via RSS I
think), are there any options we could use for relinking them coming
soon? Perhaps the combination of pump2rss and RSS2twitter would work.

twitter.com/debian has had some posts because it still has integration
with Debian RSS feeds, getting that working again with identi.ca would
be good.

It would be great if spigot/brdcst.it/pump2*/rss2twitter were packaged
for Debian.

The Debian fedmsg project has completed and has a demo up passing
messages to an IRC channel. It would be awesome to have that being
sent to a new identi.ca account too.


I guess the Debian sysadmins would be able to give us a VM for running
stuff if needed, finding someone to do the setup and maintenance work
would be the hard part.



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