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Re: [DONE] wml://News/weekly/2011/14/index.wml


Justin B Rye wrote:
svn -m "COMMENT" commit index.wml

On 13/11/2011 10:59, Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:
I didn't see a commit step in the work flow you outlined

It was the last step.

Or perhaps you've missed the commit step (which would explain why they're not showing up on the server.)

No the commit goes on the server, the CIA bot sends a notice #debian-publicity, but no mail is sent to publicity-commits@l.a.d.o (so one has to play with “svn diff” to figure out Justin's enhancements, while it's the purpose of the publicity-commits list not to bother with that).

Maybe some magic is needed on Alioth to debug this issue (on the webwml CVS, we have a similar issue with Osamu Aoki, but his commits don't even show up on IRC), I'm a bit clueless here, thanks for your input anyway.



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