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Linux Magazin Special about Debian

[ CCed: MrFai, Madduck, Madkiss, aba, Joey, Henning Sprang, Tolimar,
        nobse, feivel, Oliver Frommel (LNM), Heike Jurzik, panthera ]


i had quite a good talk with Oliver Frommel and Rosi from Linux New
Media at Linux World Expo Germany, yesterday evening. Linux New Media
would like to make a Linux Magazin Special about Debian directly after
release of Etch. This means, we need about 20 (3-4 pages each) articles
about Debian by the end of December. 

We did a bit of brainstorming directly after the Linux New Media Awards
where assigned. A few topics which arrised there, were:

- History of Debian
- What is new in Debian Etch
- Step by Step installation guide
- Full Automatic Installation
- Alternative Package Archives
  + Debian Unofficial
  + Backports.org
  + debian-volatile
- Porting
- Backporting
- APT-Pinning
- Release Process
- Packaging
- Virtualization
- Debian in Business Critical Areas
- HA Solutions
- Interaction Debian <-> Ubuntu

What did we miss?

Oliver, can you give some acurate dates, when these articles are needed,
about last "Redaktionsschluss" etc?

Could we try to coordinate who is doing what on
debian-publicity@lists.debian.org, so anyone else who is interested in
writing articles could also join?

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