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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

On Thursday 16 November 2006 22:07, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:

> - What is new in Debian Etch

Particularly, I think an article about udev+hal+dbus and how they interact 
could interest some (I'd read it as I have no clue in that area, which is a 
PITA sometimes.)  How is this good on a desktop system?  And how does it 
work that I can set up a server with 5 network interfaces and 12 disk 
controllers and still get reliable device naming that doesn't change after 
every second reboot.

Another topic: CDD - what are they, which do exist (and which are 
alive), ...

Is Linux Magazin also directed at beginners?  A "How to Get Help" article to 
supplement the step by step installation guide wouldn't be bad either.  I'd 
volounteer to write that (in de_CH) but would appreciate getting 
confirmation + a date soonish.

Yet another one:  Why is <foo> not in Debian - Java, flash, DVD watching, 
Wireless, ...?  Speak about licensing, why this stuff is important, and how 
Debian users can still get their software/gadgets working.

And: Push the Universal OS argument a bit.  Debian is released for many 
hardware platforms, has unreleased ports for others, also talk about the 
non-Linux ports and the non-glibc (uclibc/dietlibc or what was it?) efforts 
for embedded systems.  Linux Magazin could sell quite a few Ads from 
embedded systems vendors based on this article (no, I don't suggest that 
the article should be an ad in itself.)

-- vbi

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