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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

On 11/16/06, Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de> wrote:
[ CCed: MrFai, Madduck, Madkiss, aba, Joey, Henning Sprang, Tolimar,
        nobse, feivel, Oliver Frommel (LNM), Heike Jurzik, panthera ]


i had quite a good talk with Oliver Frommel and Rosi from Linux New
Media at Linux World Expo Germany, yesterday evening. Linux New Media
would like to make a Linux Magazin Special about Debian directly after
release of Etch. This means, we need about 20 (3-4 pages each) articles
about Debian by the end of December.

We did a bit of brainstorming directly after the Linux New Media Awards
where assigned. A few topics which arrised there, were:

- History of Debian
- What is new in Debian Etch
- Step by Step installation guide
- Full Automatic Installation
- Alternative Package Archives
  + Debian Unofficial
  + Backports.org
  + debian-volatile
- Porting
- Backporting
- APT-Pinning
- Release Process
- Packaging
- Virtualization
- Debian in Business Critical Areas
- HA Solutions
- Interaction Debian <-> Ubuntu

What did we miss?

Debian Etch on the Desktop. I would be glad write about this subject.

-- stratus

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