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Re: Proposal for public announcement for the next release update


Andreas Barth wrote:
> just two things:
> First, I think the release team has the right to send out texts to
> debian-news on his own. Why didn't you approve our mail? I'm considering
> to ask the mailing list admins to give us direct permissions to post to
> that list.

I don't think so.  I didn't think the mail was suitable for the list
as is, which is why I took the liberty to start from scratch and
phrase it properly (imho) based on the detailed mail and information
Marc sent to the -devel-announce list before

> Second, though I really welcome more announcements about the release of
> Etch, please wait until you get an ok from a release team member,

I would have, if you and Marc wouldn't have whined so much before and
gotton onto my nerves.  That left me with the impression that this
issue is so pressing that I must not delay it any further and send it
out as soon as I consider it suitable.  I'm sorry if I have gotton a
wrong impression.

In and ideal world, we would work *together* and not work after each
other.  I would much prefer to do that.

Unfortunately, this is the second time something like that happens,
and it has happened exactly after the same receipe.  You prepare an
announcement, whine about it, adding pressure to me, so that I send it
out without enough time for re-confirmation, and then you're not happy
with the result either.

> especially if you create your text in such a short time periode (and
> both Marc and I were away via the weekend).  It might help to Cc
> debian-release for such input.  Also, as you know, you could try to call

The input was taken from the announcement sent to -devel-announce.  If
that should be wrong, I wonder why it has been sent there before.
Marcs version of the public announcement even linked to that mail.  I
don't understand why you're upset now.

> me on my mobile phone if you need urgent input.  I'm really very

Since the input was taken from your (i.e. Marcs) announcement, there
was no need for urgent input.  I've sent you both a mail with a
question, though.  Its answer could've changed the announcement but it
wouldn't have been important enough to add pressure on your or

I hope we can work *together* in the future.


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