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Re: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0


I would have wished you hadn't just gone ahead and published the
announcement [0] without checking back with us. Also, I don't
understand why you are releasing an announcement about the release
while ignoring the one prepared by the release team.

> The Debian project confirms December 2006 as the date for the next
> release of its distribution which will be named Debian GNU/Linux 4.0
> alias 'etch'.  This will be the first official release to include the
> AMD64 architecture.  The distribution will be released synchronously
> for 11 architectures in total.

sarge had 11 architectures, so add amd64 and we get... 11? So which
one's missing. People really want to know this kind of stuff... and
it's not like you gave any form of reason for not listing it [1].

> New features of this release include the GNU Compiler Collection 4.1
> as default compiler.  X.Org will replace XFree86 as implementation of
> the X Window System X11.  Secure APT will add extra security by easily
> supporting strong cryptography and digital signatures to validate
> downloaded packages.

I though Pasc raised some valid points wrt that paragraph, and it
does not seem like you understood them.

> October 6th - 8th
>     Espace Autogéré des Tanneries, Dijon, France

Yesterday you bugged me to finally set a date for the Zürich BSP, so
I did. I then suggested not to say "University of Zürich, Zürich,
Switzerland", but just "Uni Zürich, Switzerland" as that was less
redundant in [2], was kind of put off by your reply [1], but now
I understand what was going on... a simple misunderstanding possibly
because I wasn't really clear.

Anyway, looking at the announcement you sent out, I am left
wondering why you actually reached out to -publicity. Surely, it's
the intent of this mailing list to jointly prepare news releases and
have several eyes inspect them, but that's kind of pointless if you
just do mostly your own thing anyway.

I cannot say I stand behind the recent announcement, which is
a shame as it was published as being official by the Debian project,
of which I am a member.

0. http://lists.debian.org/debian-announce/debian-announce-2006/msg00003.html
1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2006/07/msg00007.html
2. http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2006/07/msg00003.html

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