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Re: Proposal for public announcement for the next release update


replying to -publicity only.

On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, Martin Schulze wrote:
> I hope we can work *together* in the future.

I hope the same but you're not leading us effectively in that way. Here
are some suggestions:

- when you have an announce ready to be sent, mail it here and say when
  you plan to publish it (always leave at least 24h hours between the
  draft publication and the time when you expect to send it). When you get
  comments, incorporate them fast and leave commenters a chance to check
  that you effectively took into account their comments.

- when people propose announces spontaneously on -publicity, reply to
  them in a reasonable timeframe. For the "Dzongka" announce, we had no
  news for weeks and then it was published without any prior notice.
  - If the proposed announce is ok, just say "ok this announce is great,
    i'll post it as is in 2 days if nobody is against".
  - If the announce is not ok, please state what problem do you have.

- recognize that you're not a native english speaker and accept
  criticism on your phrasing and believe people like pasc when they say to
  you that "synchronously" is not clear enough for a wide-audience such as

- don't fear co-moderators on -announce, -news. Look how picky the audience
  is here... there's enough pressure on moderators to make them think
  twice before sending an announce which wouldn't have been reviewed by
  the group here.


Raphaël Hertzog

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