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Re: Proposal for public announcement for the next release update


just two things:

First, I think the release team has the right to send out texts to
debian-news on his own. Why didn't you approve our mail? I'm considering
to ask the mailing list admins to give us direct permissions to post to
that list.

Second, though I really welcome more announcements about the release of
Etch, please wait until you get an ok from a release team member,
especially if you create your text in such a short time periode (and
both Marc and I were away via the weekend).  It might help to Cc
debian-release for such input.  Also, as you know, you could try to call
me on my mobile phone if you need urgent input.  I'm really very
disappointed to see your (IMHO way not perfect) text send out to
debian-announce now, but the text that should have gone out together
with the release update was not for reasons you even didn't communicate
to us.


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