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Re: latest version of Debian LJ ad is ready

James A. Treacy writes:

> We are looking for constructive feedback.

There was a discussion and some agreement on this list last week, which
seems to be have been lost.  Three things were basically agreed on, as I
understood it?

First, Joey Hess recalls:

> I thought someone said this before, but this add is intended for an issue of
> LJ sometime this fall or winter, isn't it? At that time, the program
> versions listed may well be out of date. Might be better to list more
> enduring reasons to chose debian.

Second, Fredrik Ax wrote several sage things, including:

> I think it would be better to put the advantages of Debian up front,
> not the disadvantages of other distribution! A change to something
> like this might do?!?
> "Do you want an easy to install 
>  and use, highly upgradable 
>  Linux distribution?  Visit 
>    http://www.debian.org/
>  for your one-stop solution
>  to secure and stable Linux 
>  workstations and servers.
>   Debian - Get it today!"

I think this is a great text, very much the spirit of Debian which has
always been to be serious and non-bloating.

> I think its better to point out that the features and stability made it
> "space shuttle software". That's something not many OS:es could brag
> about.


> Another thing is the version numbers: Skip 'em!

I proposed a compromise on the list which was favorably received (not all
my proposals were :): call it "Debian 2", not 2.0.  That way it won't be
embarassing if it turns out that 2.0 has a huge security bug which we fix
(of course) but which gets known ...

This could perhaps be generalised to XFree 3.3, gcc 2.7, egcs 2.90, but for
programs I prefer "latest versions of".


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