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Re: latest version of Debian LJ ad is ready

I like it.  Here's what I'd change though... the bullets in the box:

o Includes nearly 2000 precompiled packages
o Full glibc (libc6) distribution with backward compatibility for legacy 
o Leading edge package management
o Extensive pre-release package testing
o Can handle RH, Slackware, and other package types
o Contains latest Linux kernel, gcc, and egcs compilers
o Applications include Apache web server, GNU Image Manipulation Program 
(GIMP), PostgreSQL, and many others

What it comes down to IMO is that the ad should advertise generically, not 
version specifically or if possible even package specifically.  We want to 
get people to our web page, and there they should find as many specifics as 
they want, but to get them there I think you need to advertise high level 


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