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Re: latest version of Debian LJ ad is ready

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998 treacy@debian.org wrote:

> The latest versions of the Debian ad for LJ can be found at
> http://lyrical.cland.net/~wlashell/debianad21.jpg

I like the simplicity in layout of this one!
Less is more!

> and
> http://lyrical.cland.net/~wlashell/debianad23.jpg
> The second simply has a textured background.

The one with textured background is not good for printing.

> We are looking for constructive feedback.
> Some things people have mentioned:
>   It needs more graphics.
>      That's probably true. The problem is nobody has offered
>      any ideas.

I don't think so. I think we should keep it as clean as it is to
day. We don't want to give a "blurry" impression. The current layout
of the ad is giving the impression of straight forwardness and
simplicity ... and thats good!

>   That's for a 1/2 page ad? Then you can put more text in.
>      Ok. What other information would you like to see on the ad.

Maybe... but be careful not to add to much text and information. The
ad should be easily read through and make the reader curious enough
to visit www.debian.org for further information.

> To get an idea of how much space we have, look through a copy of
> LJ.  When presenting ideas, it would be helpful if you can create
> an image. Even ascii art can be useful.

What I wonder is which our main target group is? The ad is currently
put together to win users from other Linux distributions which i
don't think is the way to go. Instead of competing with the ones
within the linux society I think we should try to reach users of
other OS:es (including other UNIX variants). Even though it is nice
to have as broad user base as possible within the linux community I
don't think we should address the other distributions as competitors
which are "hard to use" and "impossible to upgrade".

I think it would be better to put the advantages of Debian up front,
not the disadvantages of other distribution! A change to something
like this might do?!?

"Do you want an easy to install 
 and use, highly upgradable 
 Linux distribution?  Visit 
 for your one-stop solution
 to secure and stable Linux 
 workstations and servers.

  Debian - Get it today!"

And I also think it's bad to say that Debian's cutting edge features
set it "above and beyond it's competitors". I think its better to
point out that the features and stability made it "space shuttle
software". That's something not many OS:es could brag about.

Another thing is the version numbers: Skip 'em!
We don't know what versions the applications are in the distribution
when the ad is published.

I think both these things have been up on the publicity list before,
but since they don't seem to have been adopted I though they where
worth mentioning again.

Fredrik Ax 
in interest of Debian's best.

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