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Re: Tone policing by a member of the community team [Was, Re: Statement regarding Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board]

On Sun, 2021-04-11 at 03:06 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> I agree to a certain degree; as far as we talk about opinions or
> beliefs, but (leftist slogan:) "fascism is not an opinion, it's a
> crime" or (more verbose): I don't want to be in the same community as
> people who deny other people their basic human dignity or (more
> direct) who don't consider others as humans and want to kill them or
> see them dead. And that's what Nationalsozialismus and facism is
> about. [0]

Agree, but on the other hand - luckily - there is no thought police and you
don't know (and actually I don't want to know) whats going on in the brain of
some people. Debian is a large project that attracts people from all over the
world, so there will be always people with opinions and backgrounds that we
personally don't want to support. 

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