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Re: Fwd: protontypes wants to support the Debian Project with LibreSelery

> I can tell you that if it's opt-out instead of opt-in, then that would
   make it a non-starter for Debian.

I have been thinking about this problem for many sleepless nights and it is indeed a challenge of the concept. The best thing would be to make it globally visible in your git profile if you want to accept donations in this way or not.  For the main project, we can make a list of all the email addresses we consider. I have created an issue and fdietze has suggested this.

The problem with this approach is that is will get much harder to share your funding with the developers of your dependency tree. What you could do is to send them at least the first email asking them to subscribe to the list if you want to receive further payouts. Another solution would be to check if the dependency itself uses LibreSeley. This way we could distribute the payout to the LibreSelery wallet of project. This solution was already described by Nick here in more detail:

Thus, the concept could be made opt-in and at the same time take dependencies into account.

Do you think that could be a possible solution?

---- On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 09:13:19 +0200 Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> wrote ----

Hi Tobias

On 2020/10/13 08:45, Tobias Augspurger wrote:
> 1. First of all these emails of course have an unsubscribe button. 

I can tell you that if it's opt-out instead of opt-in, then that would
make it a non-starter for Debian.


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