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Re: Fwd: protontypes wants to support the Debian Project with LibreSelery

On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 9:31 PM Tobias Augspurger wrote:

> 5. After the split is done, we distribute the money to the email address via the Coinbase API. You can define a custom note that will be attached to the Coinbase email. If the user does not have a Coinbase account to that email address, the amount will be deposited there for 30 days, informed by email about that and can withdraw the amount by opening the account.

This is going to spam a lot of people who don't have a Coinbase
account and don't want one. How are you planning on mitigating this?
Where will the coinbase balance go if someone doesn't sign up for
their account?

BTW, the way Debian uses git on salsa for many teams (some just import
new upstream release tarballs into git rather than pulling upstream
git commits) means that funding would go to the Debian packagers
rather than the upstream developers who wrote the code, which seems
like the wrong thing to do.



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