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Re: Fwd: protontypes wants to support the Debian Project with LibreSelery

On 2020/10/12 14:56, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> So, if I understand well, the idea is to implement a way to have a
> "donate" button on salsa which would rely on their work in background to
> loadbalance the share between developers of a specific project?
> If so, then I feel bad about this idea. Sure, the people paying wouldn't
> be the project and hence its philosophy wouldn't be compromised in its
> core, but still we would start advertising for payment, which is a huge
> step in a way I fear the outcome.

>From what I understand, part of their plans is to implement that for
GitLab. I agree that we might not want to enable something like that on
Salsa, I suppose that would depend on exact details (like, if it's just
something in an API as apposed to having donate button scattered all
over, then I don't think it's intrusive at all).

Maybe Tobias can give us a more complete description on how LibreSelery
would work.


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