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Call for experiences of Norbert Preining

Very regrettably, it may become necessary to produce a fuller list of
incidents, including responses, to justify the recent DAM decision.

Please search your communications archives.  If you have had an
adverse experience of any kind with Norbert Preining, in public or in
private, please email me.

 * Summarise each incident, but:
 * Then give as much additional detail as you like.
 * Give URLs where possible.
 * If there was a complaint (to Norbert or to anyone else),
   say what the reponse/result of that was.
 * Say whether I may include your name in my collation.
 * Use `Call for experiences of Norbert Preining' as your Subject

I will summarise and collate these reports.  I will *only* share this
information if there is a Debian GR which would have the effect of
reinstating Norbert.  If there is such a GR, I will share the
collation publicly.

(If the Constitution is amended to permit the GR to be held in private
within Debian, I will share it only there.)

If it becomes necessary to make the collation public I may do so via a
web page or as an email, as seems convenient to me.  In January 2021
and every three years thereafter I will review whether retention of
the provided information is still necessary, and if I consider it not
any longer to be necessary, I will delete it.


If you have difficulty emailing me because of my spamfilter, send the
bounce to postmaster@chiark, or talk to Diziet on oftc or freenode.

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>   These opinions are my own.

If I emailed you from an address @fyvzl.net or @evade.org.uk, that is
a private address which bypasses my fierce spamfilter.

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