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bits from the Debian Censorship team

#1 rule of censorship: don't blog about the censors!

Pocock blogs[1] about DAM.  DAM deletes[2] Pocock's blog.

Read the blog DAM doesn't want you to see.  Pocock tells us more
about this crisis than 3,000 messages on debian-private!

They even delete[3] him from Planet Mozilla too.  Conspiracies[4] or not?

If they can do this to somebody who promoted Debian for so long
as Pocock and in so many amazing ways in amazing places, they can do
it to any of us.  Scary.

Freedom.  You got to love it because it doesn't love you back.

1. http://danielpocock.com/debian-human-rights-paradox
2. https://salsa.debian.org/planet-team/config/commit/10f70754b4040e2639f934c3d26e1f4e9da8b52c
3. https://github.com/mozilla/planet-content/commit/10ae174182838deddb3f959fdc7fa8272bdf3c36
4. https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2018/12/msg00042.html

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