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Re: Call for experiences

Ian Jackson writes ("Call for experiences of Norbert Preining"):
> Very regrettably, [...]

Several people whose opinions I hold in high regard have told me that
this was a seriously bad idea.  On an official level, I received a
complaint from listmaster.

So, I'm sorry.  I failed to anticipate how badly people would see
this; no doubt it unhelpfully contributed to the toxic atmosphere.

So, I withdraw my previous message.  Please don't reply to it any
further.  Thanks also to those who took the time and energy to write
to rebuke me.


Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>   These opinions are my own.

If I emailed you from an address @fyvzl.net or @evade.org.uk, that is
a private address which bypasses my fierce spamfilter.

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