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Re: Call for experiences of Norbert Preining

On 15277 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
Very regrettably, it may become necessary to produce a fuller list of
incidents, including responses, to justify the recent DAM decision.
Please search your communications archives.  If you have had an
adverse experience of any kind with Norbert Preining, in public or in
private, please email me.

I don't think this should have gone to -project, especially not with a subject
like this. Not even sure about -private, honestly, but -project is bad.

While I think the possible GR is an extremely bad (and some less friendly
words) idea, and I like getting support for decisions I had been part of,
having such a with-hunt type thread is not good. No matter about who.[1]

See, we have been trying to keep it not pointing to specific persons in public
as much as possible. That someone is so blinded by "but this is the democratic
way" wrongness, does not understand what a GR really means and wants to drag
it all out in a big shit show is IMO not a reason to run in front of them
doing similar bad stuff. Even if it may end up supporting the DAM decision.
There are just things that one doesn't do to "win".


[1] For one exception, I am still missing my "Serious problems with
Mr. Jaspert" thread, waiting for years now and still not got it, silly you

bye, Joerg (no hat)

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