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Re: Request for official help


Here is the mail I could get in English. It sums up the situation.

Best regards,

Le 27/07/2017 à 21:46, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> MENGUAL Jean-Philippe writes ("Re: Request for official help"):
>> Is it a problem if it is a French message?
> I'll cope somehow :-).
> Ian.

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Dear Seller,

Thank you for contacting Amazon Seller Support France. My name is Virginie and it has been a delight to talk with you on the phone. Once again, thank you for taking the time to answer me. It is my pleasure to assist you with your query related with your EAM exemption application.

As regards as your case, I can see that you would like to products from the brand Debian without having to buy EAN codes.

Please note that in order to do that, as you are not the manufacturer of the concerned products, you need to apply for an EAN exemption approval.

In order to have your application processed, the fields below should be populated in the form.

Estimated annual revenue
Condition of your product
Company website
Company description
Brand to be exempted and seller connection to the brand
How do you upload your listings
Number of products needing UPC or EAN exemptions
Justification for UPC or EAN exemptions
Company name

You also need to prove a letter coming from your manufacturer that states those facts:

-your manufacturer doesn't provide you any EAN codes.
-your manufacturer allows you to send his products without any EAN codes.
-your manufacturer is not going to buy any EAN code during the 2 next years.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. EAN or UPC exemptions cannot be granted for single ASINs sold in product bundles or in bulk. With the exception of antique products, the condition of an item for which an EAN or UPC exemption is requested must be New.

Please find more info about those EAN exemptions requests by clicking on the following link: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html/?itemID=200426310&ref_=xx_200426310_a_r2_cont_sgsearch&language=en_FR&languageSwitched=1&referral=A12RQ69FOW5M55_A36N6OO3ZUWFQ1

No answer is require from your side, but if you have further questions concerning your sales, please never hesitate to contact the Seller Support again or open a new case by clicking on this link: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon-form.html/

I would like to remind you that you can count on our support during all your Amazon seller experience, we will be happy to assist you anytime to optimize your results.

I hope I had been helpful. I would be grateful if you could take a few moments to reply to the small survey below so that you can evaluate the quality of the service that has been offered to you.
It is important for us and it will take you only few seconds

Once again, thank you for your time and your cooperation.

I wish you an excellent day.

Best regards,

Merci de nous faire part de votre expérience.

Etes-vous satisfait du support fourni ?

Oui Non


Pour consulter les détails de votre cas, veuillez cliquer sur ce lien : https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/case-dashboard/view-case.html/ref=sc_cd_lobby_vc?caseID=3810612832

Veuillez noter que ce message vous a été envoyé d'une adresse qui ne peut recevoir d'e-mails. Si vous avez besoin de support complémentaire, merci de nous contacter à laide de ce lien : https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon-form.html

Merci de vendre sur Amazon.

Virginie S.
Support Vendeur Amazon.fr
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Si vous souhaitez de nouveau nous contacter au sujet de ce probleme, veuillez nous contacter par le biais du formulaire Contactez-Nous dans Seller Central en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous :


Remarque : Cet email a ete envoye depuis une adresse ne pouvant recevoir d'emails. Merci de ne pas repondre a ce message.

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