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Re: Request for official help

Le 25/07/2017 à 23:59, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> MENGUAL Jean-Philippe writes ("Re: Request for official help"):
>> The alternative is my initial proposal, more simple than others indeed:
>> mentioning in an official letter that Debian will not get any EAN in
>> next two years, and that Debian does not want Hypra to sell Debian
>> without EAN. It does mean that anybody else cannot do it (anybody which
>> want to sell with or without EAN do what they want), but not Hypra (and
>> we agree of course), and it gives me the required base to request an EAN
>> exemption to Amazon.
> Can you please point me to the documentation you are reading about
> these letters ?

hmm I requested it, but they have no public URL for it. It is just a
request they do per e-mail. I can produce a screenshot of mail il you want.


> Ian.

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