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Re: Request for official help

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As a Debian DVD vendor, I would like to submit you a situation.

Any vendor trying to sell on Amzon marketplace needs to bind an EAN with a product. Selling on Amazon is a good idea to promote Debian and its releases anywhere on the Web, even for desktop releases I think.

Any vendor then has threee solutions:

1. Getting from Debian an official letter (see attached template) to say: a) we don't want any seller to send Debian without an EAN on a marketplace; b) we will not get our own EANs in the next two years. Such letter enable vendor to request for an EAN exemption laid on it.

2. Buying an EAN, but it does not worth to sell several things (eg architecture, live, installers, etc).

3. Getting an EAN from Debian organization itself, eg. on

www.gs1.fr. Debian thus would pay for EANs for his releases, etc, and vendors would use them to sell Debian medias. But would be somewhat expensive and not sure it is useful and project-compliant.

Hence I propose to adopt the first solution. Costless for anyone, just require the DPL signature. I see benefits and not countrparts. Of course, any seller with a such doc would not have any exclusive right on the selling.

If you agree, could you validate the atached project, which would be for Hypra in our case, and a template for any future similar request? So that the letter be officially signed, eg by the DPL. Dont hesitate to improve the writing, I really am not good in this kind of official English writing.

NOTE: this has no consequence on the fact a part of the price may be given to Debian as a donation, it would increase this capability. So I think it is a good idea, hence why I would like to sell Debian on Amazon via Hypra.

Best regards,

Le 19/07/2017 à 20:39, Chris Lamb a écrit :
Dear Jean-Philippe,

Thanks for your reply and clarification. I think the next step would
be to run this past some other folks.

Indeed, this is something you could do yourself; perhaps you could
rewrite your original mail to the debian-project mailing list?

Please add in the clarification regarding the query I had regarding
exclusivity, etc.

Best wishes,


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