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Re: Code of Conduct: picking up

]] Thorsten Glaser 

> On Thu, 28 Nov 2013, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> > You mean you were using Debian resources to spread malware, and it seems
> You’re ridiculous. That’s not malware and cannot spread either

«Malware, short for malicious software, is software used to disrupt
computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to
private computer systems.»  There's a reason why I wrote malware rather
than virus.  Malware doesn't have to have any way of spreading by

Let me make you a simile.  Back in the 1990s, we had the ping of death
which for a while reliably crashed Windows machines that were exposed to
it.  Do you think www.debian.org should have sent out such packets to
any hosts that accessed the web site?  It's basically the same thing
you're doing: you're using Debian infrastructure to perform a denial of
service attack on people who use other platforms.

> > you're not even apologising for it.  I think that's pretty sad.
> You and me come from different cultures¹ then. I see nothing
> to apologise for.

In my culture, what you're doing is on the same level as moving chairs
around when you're with blind people and laugh when they fall over
because they're sitting down on a chair that is no longer there.  In my
culture, that is called being a dick.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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