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Re: Code of Conduct: picking up

Hi Steve,

On Di, 26 Nov 2013, Steve Langasek wrote:
> is not a difficult concept to grasp, and I think your protestations here are
> nothing but an excuse for ignoring the obvious social norms.

What is "obvious" to you probably not necessarily "obvious" for me.
In other circumstances I would call this "cultural hegemonism",
this is what US-standards are doing around the world.

> That's an important problem to guard against when formulating a CoC; but
> there is a difference between criticism and personal attacks / abuse, and
> there is no fundamental reason we can't draw a line in the sand against
> abuse without having a chilling effect on criticism.  If you have concrete

And exactely this is what I meant: Based on the Code of Conduct
I immediately got threatening emails by cc-ing the listmaster
to create the atmosphere of warning, and this was sent by a 
prominent member of Debian.

So, here we have already an example on how the CoC can be abused to
silence opposing voices. Are you telling me that it is *against* the
rules of Debian, the social contract, my Debian Developerism that
I am *against* the CoC and I am arguing against it?

In all these emails the attacks were directed *at* me from main
proponents or supporters of the CoC, except Wouter. So here
we have the *perfect* example why the CoC is dangerous. Many of
you are *already* now, before finalization, using it to
attack me because I am against it.

Brave New World in Debian.

> suggestions for improving the CoC language to *not* have the side effect of
> suppressing criticism, I for one would be interested in hearing them.

So that means that the decision
	We will install a CoC.
has already been done? Right? Am I correct?
And yes, I gave *several* proposal for changing the CoC with sentences.
I am serious that they are the ones that best describe the reality.
And up to now nobody could convince me, nor even bring forth a
counterargument against my description of what the status quo is.

But since the decision on having a CoC has already been set in stone,
and that the proposals of change I sent have been ignored or rejected,
I think there is no need to further discuss the CoC, as I cannot
do anything against/for it.


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