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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?

Bart Martens wrote:
> I suggest we keep things civil, with respect for the persons involved.  It's
> really not up to Debian to harm someone's reputation, and that could reflect
> bad on Debian's reputation.
> Approaches I could support :
> - post the bans with reasons on debian-private
> - or maintain a list of bans with reasons in a text file on a Debian machine
>   where DDs can read this info.

Simply obfuscating the name on the list of banned users (or not posting
any names at all, only links to the posts that led to the ban) would
eliminate most reputational damage. Ie, random searches for that
person would not turn up a high pagerank debian.org page listing their
youthful indiscretions.

Using eg "J. Hess" would probably be fine in most cases.

see shy jo, not banned yet

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