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Re: gravatar on bugs.debian.org - acceptable or not?

On Fri, 15 Mar 2013, Holger Levsen wrote:
> That said, I do like the idea to display peoples pictures in the
> BTS, I just don't like that "avatars" are randomly made up when
> those pics don't exist and I'd prefer if those pictures could _also_
> be fetched from some debian.org/debian.net ressource, just like the
> hackergotchis on planet, maybe even just using those.

I don't have a problem using hackergotchis when those exist, it's just
that writing code to use hackergotchis and keep them in sync with
planet.d.o is far more complicated than the 10 line patch to use
libravatar. But I'll probably get around to doing that eventually.

The main reason that I don't want to use hackergotchis exclusively is
because that's limited to people who are in planet, and I wanted
contributors and bug submitters to Debian to be on the same footing as

Finally, if someone wants an option to disable avatars in the
bugreport view, I'd certainly add a patch which did that, or consider
implementing it myself if an appropriate wishlist bug was filed with
enough support against the debbugs package. [Bonus points if someone
wrote a patch to also handle setting this option with a cookie or
similar so people who didn't want to see avatars never had to see them

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