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gravatar on bugs.debian.org - acceptable or not?


 I noticed that we are now showing gravatar on bugs.debian.org, and this
got me wondering:  We had a rather big discussion on what is acceptable
for planet.debian.org with respect to "webbugs", flattr buttons and the
likes, connected to tracking and browsing profiles.  Somehow I have the
same concerns with respect to now seeing gravatar pictures in the
bugreports on bugs.debian.org.

 It's not *that* big of a concern for me, but I somehow fail to see this
issue completely different than what was discussed back then for planet.
Why is the one use acceptable, the other not?

 Please don't turn this into another 150+ mail thread flame party, I
just wanted to know if the same concerns should be ignored for gravatar
(and if so, why?) and we want to keep it; or if we could maybe even get
some caching proxy that wouldn't send over tracking information to
gravatar but still allow people to use the visual recognition of the
authors of the mails for enhanced processing speed.

 I'm torn appart on this personally:  I am totally a fan of visual
enhanced productivity helpers (syntax hilighting and folding in vim,
VisualHostKey setting in ssh config, ...) -- but on the other hand, this
shouldn't make us ignore the concerns that were raised with respect to
privacy concerns for a similar web service that the project offers.

 How do others see this, what shall/can be done, or shall we ignore it?
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