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Re: gravatar on bugs.debian.org - acceptable or not?

Hi Don,

On Freitag, 15. März 2013, Don Armstrong wrote:
> I don't have a problem using hackergotchis when those exist, it's just
> that writing code to use hackergotchis and keep them in sync with
> planet.d.o is far more complicated than the 10 line patch to use
> libravatar. 


> The main reason that I don't want to use hackergotchis exclusively is
> because that's limited to people who are in planet, and I wanted
> contributors and bug submitters to Debian to be on the same footing as
> Developers.

not only understandable, but also appreciated!

> Finally, if someone wants an option to disable avatars in the
> bugreport view, I'd certainly add a patch which did that, or consider
> implementing it myself if an appropriate wishlist bug was filed with
> enough support against the debbugs package. [Bonus points if someone
> wrote a patch to also handle setting this option with a cookie or
> similar so people who didn't want to see avatars never had to see them
> again.]

will do.


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