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Re: gravatar on bugs.debian.org - acceptable or not?

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 7:37 PM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

>  I noticed that we are now showing gravatar on bugs.debian.org, and this

This isn't true, it shows libravatar, which is run by a Debian member
IIRC (Francois Marier). Even for images of folks who are only on
gravatar it pulls them via libravatar. Not sure how things work on the
libravatar side, presumably it doesn't pass any information on to
gravatar though.

> got me wondering:  We had a rather big discussion on what is acceptable
> for planet.debian.org with respect to "webbugs", flattr buttons and the
> likes, connected to tracking and browsing profiles.  Somehow I have the
> same concerns with respect to now seeing gravatar pictures in the
> bugreports on bugs.debian.org.

Planet Debian (and the language/derivs variants) now strip some of
these webbugs, if you find any more please let the planet caretakers
know about it.

Frankly, the web is a lost cause when it comes to privacy and
security. Either use something that doesn't support anything other
than just HTML on single pages or install various plugins and block
plain HTTP, JavaScript, CSS, cookies, third-party requests and so on.
Be prepared for major breakage though. Some classes of things won't be
avoidable at all though, like CSS redirectors and the new proxy thing
that the KDE websites use.



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