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Re: gravatar on bugs.debian.org - acceptable or not?

* Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>, 2013-03-15, 20:05:
I noticed that we are now showing gravatar on bugs.debian.org, and this
This isn't true, it shows libravatar, which is run by a Debian member IIRC (Francois Marier). Even for images of folks who are only on gravatar it pulls them via libravatar. Not sure how things work on the libravatar side, presumably it doesn't pass any information on to gravatar though.

libravatar.org makes a redirect to gravatar.com. So at least your IP is revealed to both parties. And, if I understand correctly, each domain owner can setup his own avatar server...

Frankly, the web is a lost cause when it comes to privacy and security.

True. But that's not a reason for Debian to contribute to this downfall.

The privacy concerns can be worked around by caching on .debian.org side. But even if they were, I still wouldn't want BTS to show avatars. They don't add any value, and they are distracting; and most importantly, they are controlled by a 3rd party sites I don't trust.

I don't want users to associate me with the ugly green-brown blob. And the only way to change that is to login to either libravatar.org or gravatar.com; except that I don't want to have anything to do with either of these sites.

Jakub Wilk

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