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Re: Claiming the "debian" account on GitHub ?

> > Would you mind if I push README which you originated, Charles?
> > Since there were no license terms attached, if you disagree I guess I
> > will have to rewrite some parts to avoid infringing ;)
> Thanks a lot for taking the administrative burden on your shoulders !

Well ;-) I still hope not to be alone in this endeavor.

> Please use the README as if it were in public domain, and feel free to
> relicense it for the sake of consistency or any other reason.

oki doki

> have a disclaimer nor links to Free replacements...).  But my personnal feeling,
> which I understand is not shared by all - and that diversity is very welcome -
> makes me think that it is a good thing to make a step forward in the direction
> of our Upstreams even if they are on GitHub.  For the record, I also asked
> Upstream why they chose this non-Free platform instead of a Free one.

Well, for me (as an upstream), from day 1, GitHub was simply pleasant to
work with and it has been developing so rapidly that it stayed ahead of
free (open or not) alternatives in terms of provided features and
convenience of use.  From my point of view, a year or so ago it was
simply impractical to advise anyone to use any alternative since there
were no really competitive one AFAIK.  May be situation is different
now...  BUT majority of the projects I am working with are already on
github ... yes -- they pretty much got locked into this evil (?) closed
platform BUT the quality of their development improved due to increased
efficiency and how could I get disappointed because of that?  ;)
Should I go and advocate them to switch?.. not sure... Should I advise
on use/development of tools which would improve interoperability and
possibly ease migration to alternative FOSS platforms -- of cause ;)

BTW, while we are it, may be someone Ruby-savy would get interested in
gitlab (RFP - #651606)? ;)

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