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Re: Claiming the "debian" account on GitHub ?

On Fri, 15 Jun 2012, Charles Plessy wrote:
> > > I have not seen such statements on the Twitter and Facebook "Debian"
> > > accounts,
> > Then they should be fixed, too.
> I deleted the GitHub account. 

yikes... I still think that having a unified visible point at
github pointing to Debian's project, its forge, nice FOSS projects to
interact with github was quite a good thing  to have.   Not to mention
possible unification of the origin for PRs to upstream projects. 

IMHO it is plain silly to not utilize a reasonable and low-effort
channel to bring even more links/people back into Debian and possibly
help Debian project as a whole.

So I have reincarnated Debian organization on Github. IMHO all your
efforts and work of github admins to get this one back should not be

Would you mind if I push README which you originated, Charles?
Since there were no license terms attached, if you disagree I guess I
will have to rewrite some parts to avoid infringing ;)

> I have proposed to list alternatives on which we have a similar account, and
> would have also considered linking the wikipedia article where all the free and
> non-free forges are compared.  I do not want to recommend a service that I do
> not use just because it is Free, without even knowing if it is good.

In my opinion fighting and education for freedom is important, but for
this particular purpose I am coming out of practical causes instead of
ideological.  After all this is a page on github and for Debian... And
that is what relevant technically.

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