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Re: Claiming the "debian" account on GitHub ?

On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 09:28:52AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I have not seen such statements on the Twitter and Facebook "Debian"
> accounts,

Then they should be fixed, too.

More generally, let me repeat (something I don't particularly enjoy)
what I've already told you in reply to your initial public inquiry to me
about this subject.

- I don't think we should censor DDs that want to maintain unofficial
  "debian" account on non-free services, that would be excessive IMHO

BUT, those account should:

- make it clear that they are maintained on an individual basis by a DD
  (and possibly tell who the DD is, as a contact point)

- point out what, from the point of view of Debian values, the problems
  with the non-free service in question is. Namely, they should point
  out the non-freeness (something that in Yaroslav version of the README
  is missing, if I'm not mistaken) and lockin (see Franklin statement)

- suggest what are the alternatives; this is particularly important for
  those who might discover about those issues thanks to our README (or
  equivalent). It is a way to help those who care about those matters,
  it is a way of not being only critic, but also propositive

(And please, do not fall into the trap "they offer the service for free,
we should be nice"; we're experienced enough to know that those who
offer service for free often gain something out of it. That is entirely
normal. But we should not ignore that fact and use that ignorance as a
reason to censor our criticism.)

And if you allow me to conclude with a bad pun: I consider bad taste to
first ask publicly my DPL opinion on this matter, then go ahead after
having received it as some sort of blessing, but at the same time ignore
what I've "strongly encouraged" to do.  Mine was not a condition,
because this is something you're doing on your own, and on which you're
free to do as you please. But next time you could as well skip the first
part of asking for an opinion, if you're going to ignore it.

(Likely/hopefully, my last comment on this whole matter.)

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